Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Fest 2020

The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Association is not having the Festival any more as they have concerns that it has come too popular and too much damage is being done to the sensitive environment in the area.

The reason the Eagles are attracted to the Harrison area is because it is a rich spawning grounds for salmon. One of the world’s largest spawning grounds for Chum.

Many of the people coming out to the Valley during the fall months are just coming to look at or take pictures of the Eagles with very little concern for the sensitive habitat.

The real star of the show is the salmon, because without them the eagles would not be here.

I have seen many Eagle seekers ignoring signage stating do not enter sensitive habitat and please stay off the flatlands.

I have tried to explain to the visitors that the reason they are supposed to stay off the flat lands is because the salmon have laid their eggs in the gravel and they are destroying salmon eggs. To which many visitors do not care about.

The salmon returns are down and hopefully this will help to restore the returns to normal levels along with everyone respecting the salmon habitat.


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